Lighthouse Group är en koncern med flertalet företag specialicerade inom taktisk och strategisk försäljning, men även reklam och marknadsaktiviteter inom den nordiska regionen. Koncernen arbetar med över 100 starka varumärken.


We are a full service retail agency focusing on sales and sensational customer experiences.

The foundation of our business has always been to support brands in order to increase their sales locally and globally. We support a large number of brands both out of a strategic and tactical perspective. We combine solid experience with innovation. And we deliver the most important elements of successful retail, in the real world and online, automatically and personally. From insightful strategies to careful execution – we guarantee the overall customer experience.



I Lighthouse LAB utvecklar vi nya intressanta affärsprojekt att driva på kort och lång sikt.



Is a revolutionary new way to help brands and business with merchandising online.




Björn Ekerheim

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CEO | Styrelsemedlem | Ägare 
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Calle Schwerin

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Joakim Gavelin

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