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Lighthouse Group is a Nordic holding and investment company in the business of people, retail and technology, present on a local market with global interests.

The business, founded in 1997, is owned and managed
by Swedish serial entrepreneurs.


We believe that successful business is done by people to people. So regardless if it’s about B2B or B2C related business, we are convinced that P2P matters the most. We invest in passionate businesses who believe and practice the same.


We know that everchanging consumers requires brands and resellers who respond with an experience, wherever and whenever they go. Businesses who support and make this possible, who set the future standard for retail is where we invest.


We trust in technology that realizes things we thought were impossible, and that enhances people’s and businesses ability to trade and do business in a more effective and profitable way. That’s where we invest.

Who we are



Nordic Retail Group // Detail // Digital People // NRG Engage // Fieldflex


We are a full service retail agency focusing on sales
and sensational customer experiences.

The foundation of our business has always been to support brands in order to increase their sales locally and globally. We support a large number of brands both out of a strategic and tactical perspective. We combine solid experience with innovation. And we deliver the most important elements of successful retail, in the real world and online, automatically and personally. From insightful strategies to careful execution – we guarantee the overall customer experience.

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Create the want, bring the energy and deliver with passion.

Digital People is an agency for digital solutions and digital identification. With passion for sales and marketing, we love to create results. Our ID solutions connects not only brands to people but also people to brands. We provide clients with insights that increase their sales, marketing, efficiency and convenience, and we always put our soul and heart into our work.


Detail Online helps global consumer brands take control of their product visibility in online reseller channels worldwide, in order to quickly identify lost sales opportunities and compliance issues. 


Our AI-powered smart search technology reveals how visible, available and compliant your products are for consumers online at any time, in each one of your regions, at each one of your resellers.


In the first 3-4 years, Detail Online has attracted some of the largest consumer brands in the world. Clients operate in a wide range of sectors from consumer electronics, FMCG, IT, software and entertainment, to food and beverage, logistics, fashion, cosmetics, homewares, sports equipment and pet care.


NRG Engage is a digital smart tool and content concept for training and communication for a better way to train, communicate and understand. 


By utilizing our 20+ years of experience in training and producing training content and placing it in a mobile first digital package we are able to reach across not only the Nordics, but the world, with tailored, bite sized content, instantaneous, as often as we want. All whilst having insight into every user’s engagement and knowledge.  


With knowledge, flexibility and dedication we represent your brand in the meeting with the consumer.

With knowledge, flexibility and dedication we represent your brand in the meeting with the consumer.

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